Boukje Zonneveld


M.Sc. (Developmental) Psychology, The Netherlands

Boukje Zonneveld is a Dutch Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. She has over 15 years experience in working as a psychologist in private practices and (academic) hospitals, where she provided treatment for both adults and children. In therapy, Boukje believes in customizing therapy to meet the needs of the individual clients, using amongst others: cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, EMDR and solution focused therapy. A strong quality of Boukje is her open-minded, flexible and enthusiastic attitude, which makes it easy to build a good working relationship.

Her experience includes:

  • Providing psychological assessments (intelligence, neuropsychology and personality) for children and adolescents.
  • Seeing clients with medical related issues, such as chronic diseases or somatic insufficiently explained physical complaints.
  • Being trained in EMDR, Boukje is seeing clients with PTSD and clients having experienced trauma or negative life-events.
  • Working with children and adolescents with behavioural, emotional, social and learning difficulties.
  • Providing treatment or coaching for adults with work-related, social and emotional issues.
  • In the organizational field, Boukje conducted several talks and workshops on national and international level. She has been a member of steering groups concerning psychosocial care and the development of multi-disciplinary treatment in hospitals.

Boukje is able to conduct assessments and therapy in English and Dutch.