Zeng Weiting

Senior Clinical Psychologist

MPsych (Clinical)(S’pore), B Soc Sci (Psych)(Hons)(Spore)

Weiting earned her Master of Psychology (Clinical) degree from the National University of Singapore. Prior to this, she obtained a Diploma in Holistic Counselling from the Executive Counselling and Training Academy, and a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology (Honours) degree from the National University of Singapore. As a Clinical Psychologist, Weiting has worked mostly with adults and the elderly with various mental health presentations and severity. She was previously a Full Time School Counsellor in a primary school, supporting pupils with emotional and behavioural challenges.

Weiting had previous stints within the public healthcare sector as a Clinical Psychologist, through the provision of therapy and neuropsychological/psychometric assessment to individuals presenting with a broad range of concerns and assessment needs. She also has experience working with individuals presenting with co-morbid physical conditions and mental health concerns, with focus on identifying and addressing their mutual impact. The importance of mental health wellness for patients and the public led to her interest on outreach and awareness talks and programmes as well. At the same time, she had the opportunity to be involved in staff mental health wellness programmes during her previous stint in primary healthcare. As a Full Time School Counsellor, she provided counselling services to primary school pupils referred by teachers and parents for social/emotional/behavioural challenges, and conducted psycho-educational talks for pupils on topics relating to Anger Management and Stress Management.

Her work aims to help individuals identify unhelpful patterns of responding/reacting to stressors, and enhancing their coping strategies to cope with current and future challenges. Passionate in raising the awareness of mental health wellness and management, she finds meaning in developing and running talks/programmes for at-risk individuals and the general public. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin.