Gordon Tan


M Counselling (AU)

B.Arts Psychology (AU)

Provisional Clinical Member Singapore Association for Counselling

Gordon is a member of the Singapore Association of Counselling. His interest in counselling stems from his journey in community services where he realised the importance of talk therapy to empower the underserved to make positive impacts in their lives. Through experiential learning, Gordon's initial counselling training in both the public and private settings have allowed him the exposure towards various treatment modalities. He presently grounds his practices with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy coupled with elements of Narrative Therapy where he empowers individuals to make informed choices towards a richer, authentic and more meaningful life.

Gordon possess a range of therapeutic approaches such as:

  • Individual Personalised individual sessions for mental health symptoms such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Anxiety-related concerns.
  • Adjustment and work-related concerns.
  • Adolescents navigating academic and psychosocial challenges.

Gordon's authenticity, unconditional humanistic beliefs and assurance for a safe space strives to empower you to be in the driver's seat throughout your healing journey. Whilst incorporating regular feedback, Gordon's sessions reiterate the importance of reflective dialogues where collaborative insights are essential in allowing him to comprehend where you are driving towards, and further customising approaches in the direction of your desired outcomes.