Alvin Cheong

Senior Counsellor


MSc (Psychological Studies, w Merit)


GradDip HRM, BEng (Chemical)(Hons)

Alvin is a registered counsellor and therapist and has professional work experience in public health, uniformed services and school sectors. Before joining the private sector, he was a Senior Counsellor in the Addictions Medicine Department of IMH, and concurrently provided counselling services in a secondary school to augment the student care framework. Alvin holds dual masters in Psychology and Counselling.

Alvin works with individuals, couples, and families to examine the distress, and collaborate towards achieving attainable ecological outcomes. He relates to his clients from a trauma-informed person-centred approach, to understand their unmet needs, and apply a myriad of therapeutic applications such as:

  • Chair work and play to process unfinished business cyclical repetitive actions and thoughts
  • Mindfulness based activities to infuse internal insight and somatosensory awareness
  • Psychometric tools for personal and team growth
  • EMDR to desensitize pain, addiction urges and cravings, and reprocess highly disturbing past events

Alvin has also been involved in critical incidents and is trained in crisis management under the ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) certification framework as well as the EMDR protocols/procedures to mitigate distress in man-made or natural disasters. He is a certified Substance Abuse Counsellor (CSAC), EMDRIA-certified EMDR Therapist, and Reality Therapist. He is a registered full member with the Singapore and British Psychological Societies, and Master Clinical Member with the Singapore Association for Counselling.

Alvin had presented case studies at both local and international conferences and seminars on the impact of childhood adversities and addictions. Together with other researchers, he also had a research paper on unnatural deaths related to substance use published in an esteemed journal publication. In his personal capacity, he had coached school teams for competitive events, and young persons for individual development

Alvin is open to working with teenagers and adults with various presenting concerns or phenomenologies:

  • Career search
  • Procrastination
  • Mood dysregulation
  • Behavioral health challenges
  • Addictive or compulsive activities such as shopping, substance abuse, gambling, technology use - gaming, movie watching, web surfing
  • Sense of low self-worth
  • Medically unexplanable syndromes (MUS), or psychologically related medical conditions
  • Pain – e.g., phantom limb, chronic, psychosomatic, post-trauma
  • Performance or text anxieties
  • Diagnosed psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, etc.
  • Highly distressing or traumatic encounters and experiences
  • Grief and loss of friends and/or loved ones
  • Attachment injuries such as childhood neglect and/or abuse and household dysfunction
  • Bullying
  • Occupational or professional burnout